Sigma Institute for Engineers

Why to Choose Sigma institute for Engineers ?

  • Batch wise systematic training
  • Syllabus designed after vast industrial experience
  • Experienced faculties having vast experience
  • Carrier guidance at all levels
  • Placement assistance at all levels
  • Well equipped instrumentation lab
  • More PLCs for practice
  • Chance to work on live panel work
  • Learning by industrial examples
  • Its more than only learning
  • Limited student in batch
  • Personal attention to each student
  • Engineering books and magazines for more knowledge

No Other Institute has Syllabus like we have



Panel door controls :

Switches :

Push button with NO/NC contacts, selector switches, spring return selector, Toggle and rocker switches, Illuminated pushbuttons, push to ON push to OFF, Mushroom headed switch etc.

Panel door indicators:

Bulb indicator, LED indicator, Bacon, hooters, buzzers, panel meters and tower light etc.

Sensors :

Position :

Limit switches, inductive-capacitive-magnetic-optical-ultrasonic  proximity switches, shaft encoder, liner encoder, LVDT, linear potentiometer etc.

Temperature :

RTD (PT100), Thermocouple, Thermistor, Pyrometer, thermostat, Semiconductor temperature sensor, temperature transmitters, thermowell, Temperature controllers etc.

Pressure :

Pressure transmitter, pressure switch, pressure gauge etc.

Flow :

Paddle wheel, target, Rotameter, differential pressure, positive displacement, velocity, mass and open channel etc.

Level :

Vibrating fork, conductivity probe, capacitive, ultrasonic etc.

Actuators :

Relay, contactor, solenoid and solenoid valves, SSR, PPC SSR, stepper and servo motors, pneumatics, vacuum, hydraulics etc.

Safety :

Human Safety Devices :

Helmet, Gloves, Safety shoes, Goggles, Nose mask, Ear Plugs, Boiler Suit, Scaffold, Safety lamp etc.

Machine Safety Devices :

Fuse, SFU, MCB, MCCB, RCCB/ELCB, Earthing, OLR, MPCB, MPD, Ingress Protection (IP), Hazardous area classification, intrinsic safety and signal Isolation etc.

Accessories :

PVC channel, DIN rail, lugs, cable marking ferrules, sleeves, terminal block connectors, tb marker, 22.5 mm blind, end clamp, end  plate, cable gland, document holder, spiral bind, cable tie & tie base, air vent (filter), cooling fan, name plate, panel lock, hinges pcb supporter & spacer, busbar, busbar insulator or supporter, cable tray, conduit cable and wires, control transformer, binding belt, lacing cord, utility socket etc.

Wiring exposure :

Jog, DOL starter, RDOL starter, YD starter, interlocking, holding, dependency, sensor Interfacing etc.


PLR, micro and modular PLCs, Siemens S7-200 and S7-300, Mitsubishi FX and A Series, Omron CP1E, Allen Bradley Micrologix 1100 & 1400, Schneider Zelio, Vipa, Teco etc.


Siemens TP177, OP77B, TD200, Omron NB5Q, Baijer E700, Kinco MT4434TE etc.


Citect, Wonderware Intouch, Siemens WinCC Flexi etc.


Siemens MM440 with encoder feedback, Yaskawa V1000 etc.

IIoT Devices :

Modbus to MQTT Converter, ESP32 based IIoT Interface, Ethernet to WiFi converter, Rs485 to Ethernet converter, WiFi router

Mechatronics :

CNC router, 3D printer, Lead screw mechanism, Stepper and servo motion control

ADIA Advanced Diploma in Industrial Automation = Module I + Module II + Module III

Module I
EIA (Essentials of Industrial Automation)
  • Topic I     : Industrial Automation – An overview
  • Topic II    : Electrical Concepts
  • Topic III   : Panel door controls and indicators
  • Topic IV   : Sensors
  • Topic V    : Actuators
  • Topic VI   : Controllers
  • Topic VII  : Industrial safety and related devices
  • Topic VIII : Panel and field accessories
  • Topic IX   : Industrial documentation
  • Topic X    : Industrial panel wiring
  • Topic XI   : Use of tools and multimeter
Module II
PLC Essentials of Programmable Logic Controller
  • Topic I   : Types of industrial processes and their control mechanisms
  • Topic II    : Concept of PLC
  • Topic III   : Introduction to PLC hardware
  • Topic IV   : Introduction to offline simulator software, ladder diagram and IEC61131-3
  • Topic V    : Basic Instruction sets
  • Topic VI : Introduction to online simulator software and ladder writing
  • Topic VII  : Data handling instruction sets
  • Topic VIII : Analog signal processing
  • Topic IX   : Introduction to various make PLCs and their respective software
  • Topic X : Introduction to advanced programming
  • Topic XI   : Selection of PLC
  • Topic XII  : PLC installation and wiring
  • Topic XIII : PLC testing, commissioning and troubleshooting
Module III:
AIA Advanced Industrial Automation
  • Topic I  : Basics of SCADA, creating new SCADA applications, tag generation, screen development, Buttons, numeric  display and input, animated object, trends, report, alarm, SCADA communication and protocols etc.
  • Topic II  : HMI Basics and types of HMI, creating new HMI program, tag generation, screen development, buttons, numeric display and input, alarm, HMI communication and protocols etc.
  • Topic III : AC Drives: Fundamentals, parameter settings, open loop and close loop speed controls etc.
  • Topic IV : PID Controls : concept and practical implementation using PLC
  • Topic V  : Concepts of IIoT and Industry 4.0

Advance Module for Industrial Automation = Module IV, Module V, Module VI

Module IV:
APP Advanced PLC Programming
  • Topic I    : Introduction to basic instructions
  • Topic II   : Program control instructions
  • Topic III  : Interrupts
  • Topic IV  : High Speed Counting (HSC) and Pulse Output (PTO)
  • Topic V   : Advanced instructions for PLC programming
  • Topic VI  : PID instructions
  • Topic VII : Applied techniques for programming and trouble shooting
Module V:
ED Electrical Drafting
  • Topic I   : Introduction
  • Topic II  : Introduction to CAD software
  • Topic III : Introduction to symbols
  • Topic IV : Electrical drafting
  • Topic V  : Maintaining documentation
Module VII:
EPD Electrical(LT) Panel Designing
  • Topic I     : Panel definition and need of panel
  • Topic II    : Types of panels
  • Topic III   : Basics of panel components
  • Topic IV  : Making of different types of control and power circuits with simulation
  • Topic V    : Panel Documentation
  • Topic VI   : Concepts of panel designing
  • Topic VII  : Use of tools
  • Topic VIII : Panel installation and maintenance
  • Topic IX   : Workflow of panel designing
  • Topic X    : Practical panel wiring
  • Topic XI   : Intelligent MCC
  • Topic XII  : Industrial Visit

Also available :    

  • Embedded Applications (8051 µC)
  • Robotics Applications
  • Customized training for corporate clients
  • Customized training for educational institutes
  • Project training for engineering students